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For over 25 years, we have provided comprehensive architectural design and construction services to the following sectors:






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AVCFA Community Center

Rupert Mok & Architects is currently designing the community center for the American Vietnam Chinese Friendship Association located in Los Angeles. Working with the building committee of AVCFA through a series of meetings and workshops, Rupert Mok & Architects has developed the master site plan and a conceptual building that could either be a two-story- or a multi-story-structure to complete a Design/Build package.

The project has been conceived as a major public gathering space for events and ceremonies. The Community Center, along with the existing Quan-In Temple and the Gymnastic School Building adjacent to the northeast corner of the property, will become an exceptionally accessible, convenient and safe environment. Each of these buildings provides a dynamic setting for the student, the temple visitor, and the member of the association while addressing the association's requirements for its unique identity, sustained beauty, and ease of maintenance.

The main building of the community center is based in the central courtyard, providing graceful and fluid access. It features eight central skylights with a curved roof structure representing the essence of the union of cultural and traditional magnificence.